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Founded in 1986 in Horsham, PA, United Chemical Technologies, Inc. (UCT, Inc.) has grown from a manufacturer of solid phase extraction sorbents into a major competitor in the fields of specialty chemicals, chromatographic media and sample preparation products. UCT began with a novel technological idea for solid phase extraction (SPE): bond two different functional groups to a solid support material in order create phases that are capable of extracting samples based on different chemical principles.  The first product was our CLEAN SCREEN® DAU.  This product incorporated an ion exchange functionality with a hydrophobic alkyl chain.  This product was quickly adopted in analytical labs and is now the most widely used SPE material in the clinical and forensic industry for the clean extraction of biological matrices.

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UCT Specialty Chemical cited in Monolithic Chromatography Study

Monday, January 22nd, 2018

Monolithic materials are versatile adsorbents widely employed in separation science, sample preparation and as supports for flow through applications (e.g. heterogeneous catalysis, ion-exchange, solid-phase extraction, etc). Interest around their preparation and applications has been steadily on the rise. In a recent paper published in Journal of Chromatography A ((2017) 498 46-55) by Patrizia Simonea et al., UCT’s specialty chemical N-trimethoxysilylpropyl)-polyethylenimine was employed in the production of capillary methacrylate-based monoliths. This process was executed by grafting from/to ƴ -ray polymerization on a tentacle-type reactive surface for the liquid chromatographic separations of small molecules and intact proteins.


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